Musicians and Entertainers

Reese Witherspoon Carmen Electra Josh Hartnett Kobe Bryant Roseanne Barr Weird Al Yankovic French Stewart Fleetwood Mac Brian Wilson Billy Zane Clint Black Lisa Hartman Hank Williams Jr. Kid Rock Lucky Vanous Black Sabbath Yes Barry White Donovan Pat Boone Harvey Danger Ratt Goldfinger Fishbone Margaret Cho The Derailers Jayhawks Danzig Sepultura Type O Negative Coal Chamber Paul Rodgers Electric Light Orchestra Rosie Vela Maria Muldaur Chuck Negron Michael Shanker Los Fabiolos Cadillacs Leslie Bega   Los Amigos Invisibles Georgia Satellites Dread Zeppelin Moloko Tom Tom Club Roch Voisine Victor Alfieri The Rankin Family Nancy Griffith Bet-e & Stef Cassandra Denver Nickel Creek Catie Curtis 3 frum tha Soul Ethyl Meatplough Indecent Obsession Lamya Aja George Thoroughgood RawSun Fiji

Tours and Special Costuming

Prince Meat Loaf Tom Petty Jeff Lynne Terrance Trent D’Arby The Bangles Depeche Mode Tanya Memme Richard Pryor Kitten Natavidad In Livin' Color Union Mo' Money Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Sebastian International Miho Erotic Book Dogstar Team Angels (Doll and Live Action Costumes) Siegfried and Roy The Beauties Concert for George (Harrison)

Television, Films and Commercials

Nikon Hiltorn Resorts (print) Mitsubishi PGA Predators (costumer) ABC “Lost” (Costumer, Season 3, 2007) National Geographic   MTV “Maui Fever” Discovery Channel “I can’t believe I’m Alive: Volcano!” Toyota Sequoia VH1 Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts Honaka'a Boy (supervisor) Kodak JVC Phillip Morris Eyemark Entertainment Bank of America Spalding Disney's Movie Surfers “Member” Rigo Sport Body by Jake Hard Copy Bingo USA Jeans Mervyns Super Nintendo Square Soft The John Walsh Show ABC Xmas Promos Fred Sands Reality HBO Comedy 1-800-FLOWERS Hewlett Packard Thrifty/Rite-Aid Direct TV Gathering of Developers Tivo “My dinner with Jimi” Women at Risk The Emmys The Grammys The American Music Awards Discovery Channel Body Challenge Telemundo “Tides of War” Brooks Coffee MTV Turbo Tax Bellagio Resorts Sheraton Resorts The Rob Nelson Show Kashi Hilton Resorts Ripe TV

Wardrobe/Hair/Make-up (Projects covering  all 3 departments)

Roseanne Barr "Nutz" promos Toyota Sequoia BBC "Volcano Live" HMSA Runner's Magazine (cover and editorial)   Disney "Adventure Dad" LPL Financial Steve Forbes (grooming/ valet) National Geographic Extreme Exposure Steve and Donna Omera still shoot "Werid" Al Yankovic  VH1 Behind the Music Ironman Magazine Discovery Channel Eyemark Entertainment Bank of America Hilton Worldwide Brochures Kamehameha Schools/Hawaii Conservation Mitsubishi Senior PGA Tour "Ultimate Clubhouse" 2012 and 2013 Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts Paradise Helicopters Oceanic Time Warner Cable


People Spin Rolling Stone TV Guide Newsweek Sports Illustrated Entertainment Weekly Bust Shape Health and Fitness Parade Yoga Journal Guitar Player and various music trade publications Hawaii Film & Video Magazine

Directors and Photographers

Nimrod Antal Doug Menuez Smari Stuart Yamane Hoshi Sanapanda John Segesta Rubin Cariillo Stephan Kochones Emily Miller Productions 10 and Hudson Paul Ross Jones Rick Persons Marcus Bonnie
Rocky Schenk Luc Besson Michael Lavine Phillip Dixon Caroline Greyshock Bill Fishman Allen Martinez Pam Springsteen Clint Black Mark McCarty Erik Asla Debbie Fingerman Rich Wafer Jon Reese Randi St. Nicolas Marina Chavez Jack Bender Herman Agopian Howard Rosenberg Andrew McNaughton Mitchell Linden Lynne Goldsmith Tamara Davis William Hames Cheryl Neilds Dan Karras Jamie Stern Johnny Wow John Sideropoulos   Tom Smugala T.G. Harrington Daniella Clark   Hondo Bruce Arditti George Dougherty David Brooks Solamon Bill Henderson David Florimbi Allison Dyer Craig Lynn Ken Star Brian Trenchard-Smith Hiroyuki Nakayama John Johnson Ron Cohen Dennis Burns Nabil Brenden Malloy Victoria Yee

Other Experience
Over 20 years experience. Designs custom clothing, textiles, and ceramics. Works directly with the entertainment and fashion industries.


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